Goose week on the C&TS, Sep 21-26 2021
Opening day 2021 at Big Horn
Engine 425 lives again, sort of 22-Sep-18
Engine 483 lives again, sort of 28-Aug-18
Antonito City Hall, Commission meeting place
Car 256 rehab begins, car 292 rehab notes, 168 cab, July 2018
Historic car 292 moves to Chama, June 2018
Various pictures, June 2018
Historical site on the CTS, MM 308.7
CTS train at MM 308.7
Various pictures, July 16, 2015
C&T Westbound to Gravity Hill, July 4, 2015
Goose 5 Westbound w/John Bush, July 3, 2015
C&T in the Sublette NM area, June 2015
C&T opening weekend May 2015
C&T first annual rail fan special August 2014
C&T, Sublette moonlight 11-Aug-11
Various 08-May-11
Experimental shots & powder keg at Sublette, 08-Oct-10
Goose 5, C&T, 02/03-Oct-10
CRRM, Pile Driver OB, Shay 12, 11-Oct-09
Chasing the C&T, Goose 5, 02-Oct-09
315 and others, 12-Sep-09
C&T Moonlight train 05-Sep-09
D&RGRR (D&RGRyHF) Silver Streak 20-Aug-09
Pile Driver OB & CRRM, post bridge encounter 11-Jul-09
Cumbres & Toltec Goose 5 Antonito->Chama 21-Jun-09
Pile driver OB freight special 20-Jun-09
Cumbres & Toltec Goose 5 Chama->Antonito 18-Jun-09
Cumbres & Toltec Goose 5 landing C and T 17-Jun-09
Cumbres & Toltec opening weekend, 22-May-09
Colorado Railroad Museum, Goose fest, 09-May-09
Georgetown Loop, 26-Apr-09
Unloading a Goose in Chama, July 2009
Winter Train 12-Dec-09
Moonlight shots 12-Aug-10
Video (on my site, 2 minutes): Unloading the Goose, July 2009